Most Associations are comprised of a unique mixture of Clubs, Coaches and members. In most instances, an Athlete would become a member of a local Club that is affiliated with their provincial or state Association. These Associations could be affiliated with a National governing body, such as Athletics Canada or USA Track & Field. Which in turn can belong to the International, Commonwealth, Pan/Can-Am or Olympic community.

We have provided Links to various Associations. They are an excellent resource on what’s happening in the sport for Coaches, Athletes and Clubs. In most cases, Minor Track Associations do not have national events, due to the cost of travel.

An Association provides guidelines to competition & rules and regulations to keep the playing field fair & safer for all participants.

  • Competitions and events suitable for younger Athletes can be scheduled.
  • Group insurance coverage is more economical with sanctioned events and is a important factor, if any injury should occur.

The Clubs are the Members. They provide a good cross section of experience from their Coaches and organizers. Track and Field consists of a number of events and special expertise is needed to assist the Athletes.

The events are broken down into four basic areas which provide lots of variety. They are Jumps, Sprint/Hurdles, Distances and Throws. Athletes of all sizes, shapes and skill levels can find something they like.

There are three seasons. Indoor is usually between January and March, Outdoor – April to July and Cross Country- September to November. It is important to get involved early in a season to get benefit from the training, which can be carried on to the next.

For Elementary school aged, your local School is a good starting point, since many districts have some form of organized track and field activities. At the high school and university/college level, they have their own organizations, such as OFSSA, NCAA, etc. Most Community Information Centres or Recreation Departments are aware of local Clubs and events. A local Sport or Running store is another good source of meet information.

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